Professionals and Amateurs Together

Welcome to the 2nd Annual New England Woodworking Competition

November 2, 2024

The New England Woodworking Competition is sponsored by the Guild of New Hampshire Woodworkers and is being held at the Granite State Hall on the campus of The University of New Hampshire in Durham, NH.

The show provides an opportunity for woodworkers to display and discuss their craft and for the community to view the best in high quality woodworking design and construction.  The pieces on display are works of art in addition to being functional furniture.

We are partnering with the New Hampshire Furniture Masters, who will be acting as judges for the event and providing a companion exhibit of some of the Masters works of art.

Education is a key mission of our Guild and many of the pieces in this show reflect skills learned at many of our subgroup and small meeting events as well as woodworking schools in our area and from the many woodworking masters that grace our community.  If you are new to woodworking, or an accomplished veteran and have not yet joined our Guild, please click on this link to learn more about the benefits of joining.

Enjoy the show!

Elliot Savitzky
Event Chairman