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Wood Sources


Where do you get quality wood for building furniture?—Guy Senneville


Mike Cyros replies: We are fortunate to live in an area where there are wonderful resources for wood. There are a number of quality lumber yards that carry a great supply of all common and many exotic woods for furniture making. Having tools for preparing rough lumber gives you the greatest possibilities. As I live in the seacoast area, my two favorite lumber yards are Highland Hardwoods in Brentwood, NH and Northland Forest Products in Kingston, NH. As a GNHW member, you’ll be granted a 10% discount for your purchases. If there is something specific you are looking for (e.g. flame birch, curly maple, quilted cherry), call ahead and ask what they have—they’re always glad to help.

Marty Milkovits replies: Any reputable hardwood dealer, personally I deal with Highland hardwoods in Brentwood NH, Goosebay lumber in Chichester NH, for exotics Trade Winds Lumber in Grafton VT or for something unique Hearne’s Hardwoods in Oxford, PA.

Bob Oswald replies: Any lumber yard that specializes in hardwoods for larger quantities. Look also for specialty yards that might not be so visible. Search the internet for the lumber type you want. In the Portland, OR area for example, Goby Walnut is an incredible source for walnut, Northwest for all forms of fabulous maple. But you have to search them out. Rockler and Woodcraft carry fine exotic lumber in many species also, but typically only available surfaced four sides and at higher prices.

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