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Wax in Shellac


What type of shellac does not have wax in it? If the shellac has wax, how do you remove it? What if any problems does the wax cause? John Watson


Ted Blachly replies: If you have Bullseye shellac from the hardware store and want to de-wax it, pour some in a jar, put the cover on and let it sit on a window sill for a few days. You will see the wax settle to the bottom. Without disturbing the jar, suck the clear liquid off the top with a turkey baster and dispense into another jar. You can let the shellac in the first jar settle again and repeat the process.

Traditional shellac in flake form is available in the woodworking catalogs – follow directions on the package. I’ve found it to be a harder finish. The wax in Bullseye may cause adhesion problems if you are using it as a sealer under varnish.

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