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Waterlox Application Method


What is the preferred method to apply Waterlox?—Bob Wyatt


Claude Dupuis replies: I wipe on the finish using a clean cotton rag. It is best to apply several thin coats to avoid runs and excessive build up at an edge or inside corner. Sand with 0000 steel wool between coats and dust off completely prior to coating.

Bob Couch replies: Waterlox is my ‘GoTo’ finish for surfaces that need durability. I usually will wipe on the first one or two coats and keep wiping until it doesn’t want to take any more. Waterlox can be brushed on or sprayed right out of the can. I prefer to brush on with foam brushes until the final one or two coasts and then I spray.

Owain Harris replies: On larger, flat surfaces a good quality chisel edge natural bristle brush works great. I find a 2˝ or 21/2˝ size to be a good compromise of maneuverability and size. For smaller areas, particularly inside corners, I really like using a disposable foam brush. The fine tip makes working in tight corners easy, and the foam leaves no brush marks.

The biggest problem I have encountered with Waterlox is applying too much and dealing with sags and drips, so whichever brush you use, make sure not to put it on too heavily.

Richard Oedel replies: As with most things, it is a personal preference. Personally, I put it on with a rag being careful to keep a wet edge and not overlap too much. I then steel wool the final finish using thinner as the wet lubricant to keep the 0000 steel wool from really scratching the surface. The result is a nice hand feel, and a lustrous visual.

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