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Veneering Supply Sources


Can you suggest some sources/contacts for veneering supplies (equipment, veneer, inlay bandings, plans and templates)?—Bruce Grimes


Owain Harris replies: My favorite source for veneer is Certainly Wood in East Aurora, NY. Their website is superb ( and their sales people are both knowledgeable and helpful. They have an extensive selection of everything from plain sawn domestic species to exotic burls and everything in between. They also stock some basic veneering supplies.

For stringing and banding I have had great success using Matt Furjanic at He makes high quality holly and ebony stringing in various thicknesses that have always been perfectly sized. He also sells a great selection of pre-made bandings, and router bits that are perfectly matched to the stringing.

Most of the other supplies you need can be found at Woodcraft or even on Amazon, but Paul Schurch sells a bunch of hard to find stuff through his website ( I particularly like the veneer tweezers.

Vacuum Pressing Systems in Brunswick Maine ( is a great source for glue, vacuum presses, and other supplies. And finally, has all sorts of fun stuff for veneering, including plans to build your own vacuum press (I built my press from a set of their plans).

Bruce Wedlock replies: One of the best places to get veneer is Certainly Wood They have a large variety with photos on line. For holly veneer, the best place is Domex Hardwoods They also have a thin stock in a variety of hardwoods.

For bandings and inlays try Dover Designs, LLC, Inlay Banding, and Inlay Product World

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