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Straightening Bandsaw Blade


If a bandsaw blade has a bend in it, can it be straightened to run true?—Claude Dupuis


Bob Oswald replies: In a word, no—not recommended for two reasons. One is that it’s nearly impossible to get the kink out unless you could bend it back at exactly the spot it bent in the first place. Instead you’ll get a bit of an “S” shape, possibly very small, but still not as smooth as it was originally. A weld, for example, is over-filled with steel and ground flat to make it as smooth as possible.

Two, depending on the stress created at the bend, and then re-created in straightening it, you could be weakening the metal at the point, setting it up as a future failure point. Usually, the cost of a bandsaw blade is reasonable enough to just replace it. That’s relative of course. The bandsaw is capable of very fine work and a bent blade is a compromise to that.

Marty Milkovits replies: If the blade is kinked, a machinist could cut out the kink and re-weld it but it will probably cost you more than a new blade. A bend however—how severe? Maybe it can be done with high tension. Practically speaking, toss it and buy a new one.

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