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In the process of finishing cherry, what grit sandpaper should you sand to – 150, 180, 220? How about walnut? – Steve Colello


Ted Blachly replies: For cherry I usually sand to 400 grit (wet or dry paper). I’ll do the same for walnut. In both cases I’ll raise the grain by wiping the piece with a wet rag after sanding with 220 garnet paper and then maybe again after 400 grit. When dry, I’ll sand again lightly with 400 grit.

Here’s something to think about – If you sand one board to 150 grit and one board to 400 grit then apply an oil varnish mix to both, I think you will find that the board sanded to 150 will take more finish than the one sanded to 400…so which one is better protected?

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