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Rust on Machine Tops


What is the best way to keep your machine tops from rusting while in use or in storage? John Faro


Dave Emerson replies: I wax all machine tops since they need it anyway for ease of feeding material. The planer needs it often. They don’t rust.

Guy Senneville replies: Though I can not speak to storage specifically, I think it would be pretty much the same as in use. I like to use butchers wax. I apply a few coats buffing between. If I was to store, I would apply a thicker coat and not buff. I never use WD40 on any of my tools that expect to come in contact with wood for fear of contamination and problems in the finishing stage of the project.

Marty Milkovits replies: If your tools will only be in storage for a short time, a coating of “butchers wax” works well. However use “RIG” if you are looking at long term. Its a rust inhibiting grease formulated for metal stored in humid conditions.  Its available through some of the larger gun shops or gunsmithing suppliers such as Brownells.

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