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Are there advantages and disadvantages using epoxy coatings and adhesives (West system specifically)? How about water proof glues vs standard yellow glues? – Harvey Best


Marty Milkovits replies: In a nut shell, epoxy is extremely strong and water proof.  It’s great for filling voids and is very versatile. Mix only what you need because they have a short pot life.  However all epoxies are not created equal. They all have been engineered for specific applications. You cannot use one type of epoxy in all cases. You need to do your homework before buying the stuff.

Yellow glue (Titebond) is great for almost all indoor applications. For outdoor applications, I use Titebond III,  even though they claim it is waterproof, it cannot be submerged for any length of time. I have not found any single part glue that is truly waterproof.  Waterproof glue can be used in any indoor application. A Resorcinol resin glue is a generally a good choice, although it has a short pot life.

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