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Edge Jointing


Is there a quick and reliable way to edge-joint boards prior to glue-up? I recently had a need to glue-up a lot of boards while making cabinet drawers. I don’t own a jointer and don’t plan to buy one. What are my options? —Tom Fitch


Garrett Hack replies: There is a way to use a tablesaw and careful ripping with a good blade to make glue ready edges. Much safer, quieter, less dusty and far better is to do the work with a long jointer plane—a #7 or #8. You can buy an older Stanley for $125 or less. This assumes you have the stones to sharpen the blade and know how to do it. You might work a little more slowly than with a machine, but the resulting glue joint will be stronger, and depending upon your skill, invisible. Read my article in this issue on Planecraft.

Peter Breu replies: A jointing plane (Stanley or other brands size #7 or #8) is the easy option.

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