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I make old post office box banks. One of the things that I need to keep the banks authentic is numerical decals for the windows. Can anyone give me a clue as to where I can obtain numerical decals. — John Willse


Bob LaCivita replies: This is a stab.  Sign and banner companies have graphic programs that seem to produce any font in the world.  They can make vinyl letters.  They also might put you on track.

Herm Finkbeiner replies: There are at least two types of decals available. Dry transfer letters can be obtained in almost any art supply store. A common brand is: C-Thru Demi-Better Letters. Their product is available in about 30 different fonts and 3-6 sizes in each font.

The other type lets you make decals from anything you can put together on your computer. The decal is produced on a regular printer so it can be any composition and color combination. The system I use is by McGonical Paper & Graphics Hope this helps.

Jim Seroskie replies: Try these sources: then search for “vinyl number letter” then search for “vinyl letter” in quotes

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