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Burning with Thin Cutoff Tool


In making large diameter lidded boxes, I try to keep the kerf as narrow as possible. However I frequently get burning on the sides of the narrow blade cutoff tool. How can this be avoided?—Jim Forbes


Bruce Wedlock replies: Use a diamond parting tool.

Claude Dupuis replies: I have and use a thin cutoff tool and it can be difficult to avoid a burn. Keep the tool sharp, try different approach angles and when possible create a relief cut by making two cuts so that the cut is slightly wider than the tool. Don’t go deep in any single pass by alternating side to side.

Donna Banfield replies: You can try two things: First, open the kerf up just a little to create some relief, which will keep the parting tool from binding. Use as thin a parting tool as possible. Mine is 1/16˝ made by Crown. Second, when I sharpen the parting tool, I’m not putting that 1/16˝ tool on the grinder, I’m using a diamond file. I touch every side or edge that makes contact with the wood including the front of the tip (top and bottom) and the two sides, because they are cutting the wood too.

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