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Burning Shavings & Saw Dust in Wood Stove


Has anybody found a way to burn their wood shavings and saw dust in their wood stove safely? My shop is heated by wood and at the end of the week I try to figure out how to burn the residue. Shoveling it in can be somewhat explosive. It would be really good if there were a simple way to turn it all into burnable bricks or logs throughout the warmer months for storage.—Dennis Capodestria


Richard Oedel replies: Sawdust won’t stick together unless the moisture level is fairly high (16-20% or so) so you have to add water evenly before you pelletize it. And as it dries out, it will tend to turn back into sawdust. It takes a lot of strength and time to make a pellet by hand using a hand pelletizer. There are lots of YouTube videos on the subject using “sawdust pellet press” as your search term. Nobody I have seen has a great solution.

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