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Alternative Outdoor Wood


With the price of teak so high, what are some alternative woods for outdoor furniture? How long will some of these last outdoors?—Kent Michaelsen


Bob Oswald replies: Besides the obvious Cedar and Redwood, harder woods for outdoor use include Cypress, Ipe and Jatoba, also known as Brazilian Cherry (for public marketing value). Cypress is a softer wood on the order of pine or fir. Ipe and Jatoba are very hard and very tough on cutting tools. These two will last as long as Teak.

Marty Milkovits replies: Cypress, redwood, mahogany and red cedar are all good choices. I have some outdoor furniture I made close to 20 yrs ago out of redwood and they are still holding up well. In fact I am still using a redwood picnic table I made back in the 60’s. Don’t abuse the stuff and it will last as long or longer than you.

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