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Q&A first ran in The Old Saw newsletter in late 2004 and has continued in The Journal. Questions from members are sent to a panel of experienced woodworkers. The “experts” do not always agree but you will find this collection to be a wonderful resource.

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Q&A Tag Filter

Cleaning Circular Saw Blades

How do I clean circular saw blades?—Anonymous?
Tags: Tablesaw

Exterior Finish for Mahogany Door

What is the best exterior finish for a new mahogany door?—Alfred Spitzer
Tags: Finishing, Outdoor

Wood for Outdoor Projects

What is the best species of wood for clear finish outdoor projects?— Anonymous
Tags: Outdoor, Wood

Preventing Powder Post Beetle Infestation

How do I prevent a powder post beetle infestation of stored wood?
Tags: Wood

Sanding a Turned Bowl

What is the best technique to sand a turned bowl?—Bob DeAngelis
Tags: Sandpaper, Woodturning

Block Plane Adjustment

How do I adjust a block plane?—Anne DeMaria
Tags: Hand Planes

Rust Cleaning & Prevention

What is the best way to clean rust off my stationary tool surfaces? And how do I prevent it from coming back?—Anonymous
Tags: Rust

Staining on Turned Wood

What causes staining on wood and how can it be removed? I recently turned a bowl using green wood supplied by a custo...
Tags: Finishing, Woodturning

Up vs Down Spiral Router Bits

What situations do you use up spiral vs. down spiral router bits in?—George Adams
Tags: Router

Reference Square

What do you use as a reference square to check your other squares and combination squares against?—George Adams
Tags: Tools

Burning Shavings & Saw Dust in Wood Stove

Has anybody found a way to burn their wood shavings and saw dust in their wood stove safely? My shop is heated by woo...
Tags: Wood

Allergenic Local Woods

What local woods are allergenic?— Earle Rich
Tags: Wood