Q&A first ran in The Old Saw newsletter in late 2004 and has continued in The Journal. Questions from members are sent to a panel of experienced woodworkers. The “experts” do not always agree but you will find this collection to be a wonderful resource.

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Sharpening Turning Gouges

I’ve tried several approaches to sharpening a turning gouge – all with poor results. I’ve tried grinding free hand, p...
Tags: Sharpening, Tools, Woodturning

Flattening Veneer

What is the best way to flatten veneer with burl or other irregular grain? — Peter Breu
Tags: Veneering

Router or Shaper

I have a three HP shaper and plan on making raised panel doors. Would I be better served to use router bits or raised...
Tags: Router, Shaper, Tools

Slowing Down Darkening White Oak

How do you prevent or slow down darkening of white oak with a clear finish?—Alfred Spitzer, Jr
Tags: Finishing, Wood

Cutting Figured Wood

I recently cut some tiger maple on my table saw and got a lot of chipping. What is the best way to cut figured wood o...
Tags: Wood

Date Sensitive Finishing Mix

A couple of years ago I made up a batch of polyurethane, turps, and boiled linseed oil, one third each in the mixture...
Tags: Finishing

Spray Booth

I do not have a garage, so I would like to build a spray booth in my basement large enough to accommodate pieces of f...
Tags: Finishing, Spraying


Is there a general set of rules for creating laminations such as deciding on epoxy vs glue (waterbase?), thickness of...
Tags: Laminating

Applying Shellac

What is the best method to use when applying shellac to the inside of a box that has dividers, if brushing then what ...
Tags: Finishing

Glue On Joint Surfaces

If you stain the pieces of your project prior to glue up, do you have to protect the joint surfaces to allow glue to ...
Tags: Glue

Air vs Kiln Drying

What are the advantages of air drying hardwoods vs kiln drying? — Peter Breu
Tags: Wood

Gluing Benchtop

I want to glue two pieces of rock maple, 1-3/4" x 24" x 72" to form a 3-1/2" bench top. Would I be better off using e...
Tags: Glue, Workbench