Q&A first ran in The Old Saw newsletter in late 2004 and has continued in The Journal. Questions from members are sent to a panel of experienced woodworkers. The “experts” do not always agree but you will find this collection to be a wonderful resource.

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Gluing Panels

What glue would one use to laminate two layers of 1/2" baltic birch approximately 2' x 3'. – Bill Newbold
Tags: Glue

Twisted Lumber

When I buy lumber that is surfaced two sides, why is it warped or twisted? Anon
Tags: Wood

Running Lathe in Reverse

In what situations should a lathe be run with the motor reversed?—Tom Harris
Tags: Woodturning

Finishing Method for Turning Projects

What is the best way to finish turning projects while still on the lathe?—Ed Bartlett
Tags: Finishing, Woodturning

Sharpening Rasps & Files

Is there a method to sharpen a wood rasp or file? Any comments on caring for and cleaning files? Jeff Neil
Tags: Files, Sharpening

Bookcase Molding

I’m building a book case 14' wide and 7'4' tall. How do I figure what size molding to put on the top to make it look ...
Tags: Molding

Smoothing Highly Figured Wood

What is the best way to smooth highly figured wood (e.g. bird’s eye maple) to a mirror finish? – John Whiteside
Tags: Finishing, Tools, Wood


How do you set up a resaw on a bandsaw for very thin (less than 1/16") pieces? Or should it be, can you? – John Pitrone
Tags: Bandsaw, Tools

Beall Buffing System is Removing Color

When I color a piece with aniline dye and finish with lacquer, the Beall buffing system attacks the color and removes...
Tags: Finishing, Woodturning

Wood vs Metal Spokeshave

What is the benefit of the blade angle in wooden spokeshaves compared to metal spokeshaves? Joe Barry
Tags: Spokeshave, Tools

Glue Performance

What are the important differences in performance between yellow glue, liquid hide glue and traditional flake hide gl...
Tags: Glue

Rust on Machine Tops

What is the best way to keep your machine tops from rusting while in use or in storage? John Faro
Tags: Rust