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Q&A first ran in The Old Saw newsletter in late 2004 and has continued in The Journal. Questions from members are sent to a panel of experienced woodworkers. The “experts” do not always agree but you will find this collection to be a wonderful resource.

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Glue Choice

Which glue should I use for which project or wood?— Bob Fuller
Tags: Glue

Differences Between Glues

Please explain the chemical differences and best uses for Gorilla glue, epoxy, white glue, yellow glue and other “woo...
Tags: Glue

Sharpening Jigs

What are the recommendations for sharpening jigs on the market–i.e. Veritas MK II, Lie-Nielsen, Woodcraft, etc?—Richa...
Tags: Jig/Fixture, Sharpening

Guitar Finish

I am getting into guitar building (just finished my first) but once I think my piece is ready for a finish I am worri...
Tags: Finishing

Exterior Finish for Mahogany Door

What is the best exterior finish for a new mahogany door?—Alfred Spitzer
Tags: Finishing, Outdoor

Epoxy & Wear on Cutting Tools

When building outdoor furniture I sometimes find I have to machine pieces that have been epoxied. How much tougher on...
Tags: Epoxy, Tools

Slowing Down Darkening White Oak

How do you prevent or slow down darkening of white oak with a clear finish?—Alfred Spitzer, Jr
Tags: Finishing, Wood

Preventing Padauk from Darkening

Besides putting your art piece in the closet , how do you stop Padauk from darkening?—David Brien
Tags: Finishing, Wood

Tabletop Finish Exposed to Water

What is the best finish for a tabletop that will be exposed to water?­—Barry Tiedt
Tags: Finishing, Tables

Sharpening Turning Tools

I am perplexed with the need to repeatedly sharpen my turning tools. What I am using is a respectable set of mid-1980...
Tags: Sharpening, Woodturning

Compromise Joinery Approach

Other than through mortise joinery when would a Domino or loose tenon compromise good joinery?— Cam Morin
Tags: Joinery

Creating Stopped Flutes Using Handtools

I am doing exterior trim around the front door of my house which will include a pair of fluted pilasters. I would lik...
Tags: Flutes, Outdoor