Professionals and Amateurs Together

We have been making videos since the days of VHS and Beta tapes. The topics covered over the years are many and hosted by some of the best and most talented woodworkers.

Using Native Wood—Panel DiscussionDustin Coates, Grant Taylor, Jon Brooks1991
Handcut DovetailsTerry Moore1991
MultiAxis Spindle TurningMark Sfirri, 1994
Ultralight Wooden BoatLou Yelgin1995
Sharpening Day Terry Moore, Bill Thomas, Jon Siegel1995
Intro to WoodturningJon Siegel, Peter Bloch, , 1996
Finishing Day 1996Ted Blachly, David Lamb, Peter Bloch1996
Living With Crafts Exhibition—1996Terry More, Various League of NH Craftsmen, 1996
Care and Use of Old ToolsMike Dunbar1996
GNHW Juried Exhibitions—1994 & 1996Terry Moore, 1996
NH Furniture Master’s Exhibition—1997 Various NH Furniture Masters1997
Woodcarving BasicsBill Thomas1997
Introduction to WoodturningJack Grube, Mark Celona, , 1997
Hand PlanesGarrett Hack, 1997
Overview of Finishes and StainsTerri Masaschi1997
Segmented Bowl TurningPhil Bowman, , 1997
Hollow VesselsTim Elliot, 1997
Woodworking InjuriesDr. Donald Eberly, Tom LeRoy1997
Control, Comfort and Safety on the LatheJim Kephart1997
Lectures for the NH Furniture MastersJere Osgood, Al Breed, Scott Schmidt1997
Art vs. CraftSam Azzara, Mark Salwasser, Rick Mastelli1997
Kitchen CabinetryBruce Sanborn, Terry Moore, Loren Smith, , 1998
Figure CarvingDave Dupouy1998
Advanced Sharpening for WoodcarvingGreg Plum, 1998
Dust Collection DayDennis Swarda, Mike Fonner, Bob Dione1998
Retrospective—David LambDavid Lamb1998
Carving VolutesBill Thomas1998
Celtic Knot CarvingGrant Taylor1998
Intro to Carving Tools and SharpeningGreg Plum, 1998
Carving Transitions and Focal PointsDavid Lamb1998
Harvesting, Sawing & Drying Native WoodGarrett Hack1999
Is There Any Wood in NH Forests?Ethan Howard1999
Musical Instrument DayGrant Taylor, Terry Moore, Bill Thomas, Jim Schust1999
Understanding WoodDr. Bruce Hoadley1999
Jon Brooks RetrospectiveJon Brooks1999
InlaysGarrett Hack1999
Design Conference—Part 2Phil Lowe, Thomas Hucker, Scott Schmitt, George Anderson2000
What Are We Really Making—Panel DiscussionDavid Ellsworth, Beth Ireland, Roger Austin2000
Bowl Turning—Part 2Walter Goodridge, Bill Haines, , 2000
Turning Small GiftsRobert Rosand2000
Design Conference—Part 1 Phil Lowe, Thomas Hucker, Scott Schmitt, George Anderson2000
Turned Christmas OrnamentsWendy Wilson, 2000
Bowl Turning—Part 1Walter Goodridge, Bill Haines, , 2000
Bowl TurningDavid Lancaster, , 2000
Carving and Enhancing VesselsJacques Vesery, , 2000
Bowl Turning for DummiesLuke Mann, , 2000
Introduction to VeneeringTerry Moore, Brian Sargent2001
Bandsaw BasicsJere Osgood, Jon Siegel2001
Dutch Foot LegJon Siegel, 2001
Three BoxmakersWayne Marcoux, George Saridakis, Peter Bloch, 2001
Bending Wood—Three ApproachesDave Emerson, Garrett Hack, Brian Sargent2002
Finishing Day 2002Chris McGrody, Terry Moore, Bruce Hamilton2002
Making Small BowlsWendy Wilson, , 2003
Natural Edge Bowls from Green WoodChris Strassner, , 2003
Planing Wood by HandGarrett Hack, 2003
Planing WoodGarrett Hack, 2003
Making Tapered Sliding Dovetail JointsBill Thomas2003
MultiAxis Turning for Furniture and FunCharlie Sheaff, 2003
Turning AngelsLinda Van Gehuchten, 2003
Carving a Ball Claw FootDavid Lamb, 2003
Demilune TableTom McLaughlin2003
Concepts of Design, Slides and CommentaryJacques Vesery, 2003
Contemporary Woodturning—Slide PresentationDavid Ellsworth2003
Relief Carving David Lamb2004
Reducing Tearout in Woodturning—Panel DiscussionJon Siegel, Bill Frost, Dick Batchelder2004
Making a Metal Body Plane Lou Yelgin2004
Jointers and Planers Alan Mitchell2004
Sharpening for WoodturningJon Siegel, Andy Motter, Mike Fonner, Dick Batchelder, 2004
Portsmouth FurnitureAl Breed2005
Works Made With Native WoodHank Gilpin, 2005
Complex JoineryPhil Lowe2005
Machine Mortise and Tenon JoineryMatt Wajda2005
Drawer ConstructionTerry Moore2005
Hand Cut DovetailsAl Breed, 2005
Sand Shading Techniques Janet Collins2005
Shaker Legacy Christian Becksvoort2005
Curved Surface JoineryDavid Lamb2005
Joinery in Nontraditional MaterialsBrian Sargent2005
Chair JoineryTom McLaughlin, 2005
Thru Tenon Joinery Dan Faia2005
Retrospective—John McAleveyJohn McAlevey, 2005
Scraper Day 1995 John McAlevey, John Skews, Terry Moore, David Lamb, , 1995
Japanese JoineryJim Blauvelt2005
Rustic Joinery Paul Ruhlmann2005
Going Pro Sue Dunbar2005
Traditional Carcasse Joinery Will Neptune2005
Hand ToolsMike Dunbar2005
Introduction to Hollow FormsBrad Vietje, 2006
Cross-Grain Bowl TurningRichard Angus, , 2006
Hollow Wooden OrnamentBob Coleman, 2006
Duplicating Spindle Turnings by HandJim Kephart, 2006
Fresh Look at Segmented Turnings Charles Faucher, , 2006
Horton Brass HardwareBarbara Horton, 2006
Tall Elegant Turned VesselsKen Keoughan, 2006
Tuning Up Woodshop MachinesDavid Upfill-Brown2007
Handcrafted ViolinsJim Robinson, 2007
Ornamental Turning Fred Armbruster, 2007
Spraying Water-Based FinishesAndy Charron2008
Choosing Hand PlanesDave Anderson, 2008
Repairing Finishes Bruce Hamilton2008
Green Wood, Rustic Furniture Paul Ruhlmann, , 2008
Polishing Out FinishesTerri Masaschi2008
Overview of Spray FinishesAndy Charron2008
Spray Finishing TechniquesTerry Moore2008
Filling Grain Terri Masaschi2008
Coloring with Spray Finishes Bruce Hamilton2008
Making Handmade Turning Tools Graham Oakes, 2009
Turned Rectangular Lidded BoxMark St. Leger2009
Pouring Vessel Keith Holt2009
Practical Approach to Making ChairsMatt Wadja, 2009
Spiral Form Keith Tompkins, 2009
Sharpening—Panel DiscussionJon Siegel, Beth Ireland, Charlie Sheaff, 2009
Turning Palm NutsAngelo Iafrate, 2009
Attributes of Good DesignGeorge Saradakis, Kathleen Dustin, Al Jaeger, 2009
Explorations in Color and Texture Ed Kelle, 2009
Twice-Turned BowlRichard Angus, , 2009
Effective and Efficient WoodworkingGarrett Hack2010
VeneeringTerry Moore2010
Wood Finishing Q+ADale Vigent, Bruce Hamilton2010
Retrospective Slide Lecture on DesignCharles Shackleton, 2011
Hammer VeneeringAl Breed2011
Design & Construction of Turned Furniture Jon Siegel, 2011
Retrospective Design Slide LectureLeah Woods, 2011
Keynote Address—Design Symposium Dale Broholm, 2011
Carving WildlifeSumner Misenheimer2011
Conversion VarnishMarty Milkovits2011
Retrospective on DesignCharles Shackleton, 2011
Turned Sculptures with “Minimal Surfaces”Mike Foster, 2012
Retrospective & DiscussionGary Armstrong2012
Spindle TurningJon Siegel2012
Retrospective & Demo of Ball & Claw CarvingJeff Roberts, , 2012
Repairing Turned Architectural ColumnsDick Batchelder, 2012
Ten Essential Cuts on the LatheKeith Tompkins, 2012
Turned Sculptures with “Minimal Surfaces”Mike Foster, 2012
Retrospective & Discussion—Gary ArmstrongGary Armstrong2012
Back Covers of Fine Woodworking MagazineJonathan Binzen, 2013
Tapered Bent Laminations with a TwistBradley Wolcott, 2013
Queen Anne Lowboy—Turning Pad FootAl Breed, , 2014
BIG Meeting June 2015 – Part 1Matt Wajda2015
BIG Meeting June 2015 – Part 3Matt Wajda2015
BIG Meeting June 2015 – Part 2Matt Wajda2015
Annual Meeting with Deneb Puchalski—2017Deneb Puchalski, 2017
Annual Meeting (Morning Session)—2018Various2018
Carving CrotchwoodNick Rosato, 2018
Turning Round Bottoms & the Calabash FormJohn Drost2018
Segmented Basics Claude Dupuis, 2018
The Bowl Gouge: Who’s the Boss?Marcel Durette, 2018
Turning a Sphere into an OctahedronMichael Foster, 2018
Using the OneWay Bowl Coring SystemRon Pouliot, 2018
Bandsaw 101Steve Costain, 2018
Duplicating Spindle Turnings by HandJim Kephart, 2018
Goblets Two Different WaysMike Souter, 2018
The Art of the FinialKeith Tompkins, 2018
The Skew Chisel: Wicked Tool, Wicked GoodAlan Lacer, 2018
Intro to Piercing and AirbrushingEric Holmquist2018
Turning a Lamp ShadePeter Bloch, 2018
Animal Sculpture Part 1Derek Weidman, 2018
Annual Meeting—Restoring Handtools Mike DiMaggio, , 2018
Ginger Vase JoHannes Michelsen2018
Twice Turned Bowls Rick Angus, 2018
Spindel Turning Basics Jon Siegel, 2018
Restoration Turnings Richard Batchelder, 2018
Patterns, Texture & ColorDonna Zils Banfield2018
Animal Sculpture Part 2 Derek Weidman, 2018
Working with Distressed WoodKen Lindgren2018
Turning Slender SpindlesJon Siegel, 2019
Marcel’s Miniatures—Spindle Turning Marcel Durette, 2019
AbrasivesPeter Stein2020
Protein GlueW. Patrick Edwards, , , 2020
Morning with a Plane MakerDan Schwank, , , 2020
Tapered Leg JigBob Couch, , 2020