Professionals and Amateurs Together

Animal Sculpture Part 2

Presenter: Derek Weidman

Guild of New Hampshire Woodworkers
Ninth New England Woodturning Symposium

Saturday May 12, 2018
Pinkerton Academy in Derry, NH

Derek Weidman
Animal Figures Part 2

Turn a multi-axis animal (two part demo)- This symposium has allowed for a special opportunity that I have not been able to do in any other demo. By scheduling two demos back to back, as well as supplying the model lathe I trust the most as it is what I use in my home studio, a full-size sculpture from my animal series will be made instead of a scaled down version. This means way more eccentric and way more dramatic turning. The audience can pick any animal they can think of as I usually allow in my demos, but I will spend a bit of time walking through various options, going over multiple designs and showing why and how I pick subjects for my more serious sculptures.

In part two, there will be resolution of the sculpture, first with a completion of the turning and then walking through various other carving implements, from chainsaws to rotary carvers to angle grinders. It is the contemporary wood artists chisel set so to speak, each plugging into an outlet and all serving different purposes. This demo again steers somewhat away from my normal shtick, and instead transports you into my studio, pulling open the blinds to reveal a truer view of my creative process.

Recorded: 2018
Tags: Sculpture, Woodturning