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General Meeting—November 21

November 4, 2015
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Tony Immorlica has a big program planned for our next meeting.

Feature Presentation

Owain Harris will give a brief slideshow about his background and career as a self-taught, full time woodworker, and follow that with a demonstration of stringing and inlay techniques using both hand and power tools.

Owain operates a one man shop in Deerfield NH where he builds custom furniture, cabinetry, and architectural millwork. He began his career in wood as a framing carpenter in 1997 and after several years working as both a finish carpenter and remodeler, he entered the shop full-time as a cabinetmaker in 2008. He has twice been awarded “Best in Show” at the Providence Fine Furnishings Show and is a juried member of the League of NH Craftsmen. You can see more of his work at

Morning Sessions

  • Period Furniture Group—Ed Taylor will give a comprehensive presentation about the activities of the PFG, including past projects along with the specific skills members have developed in executing the projects. He will also highlight the work of Al Breed, the current PFG mentor and instructor, and winner of the 2012 Cartouche Award. Future plans for the PFG, including the upcoming Pope Chest Project, will also be outlined.=
  • Panel Discussion—“Glue, What’s in YOUR Shop” Well, what can be more boring than glue—something we all use. Come and find out, while joining in with a lively panel of opinionated “experts” to discuss your favorite and not so favorite glues, do’s and don’ts, techniques, properties, what works for you and what doesn’t. I was surprised to find I have more than 10 types of glue in my shop, and I use every one of them. What about you?


Event will take place at Scott Ruesswick’s shop in Canterbury, NH. If you plan to attend, hit the registration button—directions to Scott's shop will be sent in a registration confirmation email.

Be Aware of Scammers
Answering These Ads!

Please be aware that there is a scammer answering these ads. Be careful!!!!

I recommend that you only take CASH or checks from people you know. Very little of the stuff that is advertised is so rare or such a great deal that someone would hire an “agent” to ship it.




If you are selling something online, as a business or through classifieds ads, you may be targeted by an overpayment scam.

The scammer will contact you, make you an offer—often quite generous—then make payment through credit card or cheque. They will be for an amount that is greater than the agreed price.

The scammer will contact you with an apology for the overpayment, offering a fake excuse. The scammer might tell you that the extra money was included to cover agent’s fees or extra shipping costs. Or they may just say they simply made a mistake when writing the cheque.

The scammer will then ask you to refund the excess amount or they will ask for you to forward the amount through to a third party. They will ask for this to through an online banking transfer, pre-loaded money card, or a wire transfer such as Western Union. You then discover that their cheque has bounced or the credit card had been a stolen or fake card.

A newer variation on this scam involves online sales, usually through classified sites, where the scammer pretends to have made a payment for a larger than agreed amount through services such as PayPal by sending a fake receipt of payment. The scammer will claim that the money is being held until you forward on the extra money.

If you send any money, you will not get it back. If you have already sent the ‘sold’ item you will lose this as well. At the very least, the scammer will have wasted your time and prevented you from accepting any legitimate offers on your sale.

I just wanted other Sellers to be careful as I see some valuable machines for sale here.