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Carving Symposium Demonstrators

March 5, 2014
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The Carvers

Carving Symposium
Guild of NH Woodworkers May 17, 2014

Dimitrios Klitsas | | Fundamentals of Fine Carving

Learn tool selection, control and techniques for the carving of all designs.
Dimitrios was born in 1948, in the foothills of northern Greece.  At the Ioannina Technical School, his four year study of classical design and carving techniques, was both formal and intensive.  Moving to Athens upon graduation, he apprenticed to the acclaimed master carver Evangelos Moshos for five years.  He then opened his first shop in Athens and worked there for the following five years.  In quest of expanding his horizon he immigrated to the United States in 1974.  Today, the polish of his techniques represents a melding of his solid classical foundation and his years of experience, growth and development.

Dimitrios specializes in the classical and traditional forms in architecture and furniture, and fine sculpture and art work, including restoration and decorative carvings for Steinway & Sons. He has teaches sculptural, architectural, and furniture carving at his school in Hampden, MA.

Steve Rosasco | | Carving Motifs Through History

Learn about the classic carved themes, their symbolism, detail and popularity to apply to today's work.
Beginning in 1975 Stephen Rosasco learned the trade of antique furniture restoration through a modified apprenticeship with a master restorer of forty years, Frank Baker, formally of the George E. Vernon Company of Newport, Rhode Island, where he learned traditional restoration practice and philosophy.  Steve specializes in antique furniture and fine art restorations dating from the 16th century. He has lectured at Salve Regina University, as well as to museum curators and conservators. He currently lives and works in Newport, RI.

Allan Breed | The Breed School | Period Motif Carving

Learn how to execute typical period furniture adornments.
Al has spent his life around antiques and has repaired and reproduced some of the finest originals. He has written numerous articles on cabinetmaking and has lectured at museums across the country.  Al was awarded the Cartouche Award in 2012.
The Breed School is located in South Berwick Maine.

Dan Faia | | Tools & Sharpening for Carving

Learn about tool selection and how to properly sharpen your tools.
Daniel C. Faia- New Hampshire  furniture maker, wood carver, and chair maker- produces only the highest quality custom furniture and fine woodworking. He is a 1994 graduate of the North Bennet Street School (NBSS) cabinet and furniture making program in Boston.  In addition to his formal training, Dan has collaborated with many master craftsmen to refine and hone his skills and experiences. Since his graduation, Dan has taught in the workshop program at NBSS.  He is now the department head of the full-time cabinet and furniture making program.

Steve Sackmann | | Open Shop Carving Demonstration

Talk with Steve as he demonstrates the carving of an 18th century ball & claw foot.
Steve is a teacher at Pinkerton Academy’s Center for Career and Technical Education, which is one of 26 regional CTE centers in New Hampshire. Steve, a graduate of the North Bennet Street School, is also professional furniture maker specializing in custom pieces in a variety of styles.  "Attention to detail…" is a phrase common in my workshop and words that I take very seriously. My dedication to my craft translates into a promise I make to each and every client to provide excellence in craftsmanship and to restore quality into the construction process."

Jeffrey Cooper | | Open Shop Clinic (Space limited)

Bring in your tools, art, sculpture or carving workpiece and work while Jeff offers personal help, guidance and instruction.  Jeffrey Cooper’s woodworking career began on a whim in the mid 1970’s when he purchased a marquetry kit from Constantine’s veneer catalogue. After learning to make veneer pictures he had a brilliant idea. Why not put marquetry pictures on furniture? Although this had been done in Europe for centuries, Jeffrey didn’t know that. He thought it original to himself.  Jeff is a member of the NHFMA, LNHC, the New England Sculpture Association, and the GNHW. He lives and works in Portsmouth, and specializes in sculptural carving, and "art form" carving.

Janet Collins | | Text & Letter Carving / Chip Carving

Janet will demonstrate letter carving including design, spacing and style.  She will also demonstrate her chip carving methods.  Janet has been a professional furniture maker and woodturner for 18 years, and is also a graduate of the North Bennet Street School. She later taught at the school and became it’s Workshop Program Director. In addition to building furniture and turning bowls, Janet teaches workshops at several schools in New England. Janet's workshop is in a converted horse barn at her home in Ryegate, VT. It was converted to a cabinet shop in the 1940s by a cabinet maker. Janet is the third furniture maker/woodworker to use this as a workshop.

Grant Taylor | | Open Shop Carving Demonstration

Talk with Grant and he carves chair backs he is currently working on.
Grant Taylor has been a professional woodworker since 1975. A founding member of the Guild of New Hampshire Woodworkers and a state­juried member of the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen, Taylor studied in the United States with master woodcarver Art Ritchie of Keene, New Hampshire, and in Connemara, Ireland with furniture master Al O'Dea. He also has attended the Celtic College in Goderich, Ontario, to study the design and construction of Celtic knotwork, spirals, and key patterns.

Taylor has combined his training of carving and Irish design to make traditional Celtic and Celtic­inspired furniture since 1981. His chairs, tables, beds, nightstands, and other pieces feature Celtic design elements such as carved knotwork and woven sugan (pronounced sue­gone) chair seats.

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