Professionals and Amateurs Together

We Teach, We Make, We Serve

Granite State Luthiers

If you are already into lutherie (making stringed instruments), then this group is for you. Many attendees have commented how friendly everyone is and how freely they exchange tips and information. This openness is of course a Guild tradition.

If you love wood but have not tried lutherie, you might want to consider it. You will get to know wood at a whole different level. Not only do you have to consider appearance and structure, you also have to consider sound quality.

Stringed instruments stretch woodworking to its limits. The strings exert considerable force on the instruments, yet the more lightly constructed, the better the sound. So it is a considerable design and construction challenge. In fact, it is said that the best sounding guitar is one that is built so lightly that it is just on the verge of collapse.