Professionals and Amateurs Together

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Tell us a little about yourself, how you became involved in woodworking, and what inspires you to make your pieces.
Provide a description of the piece to be shown on the exhibit floor and published in the show catalog. As you share your work with the public in this exhibition, this description is an opportunity for you to convey why you are drawn to this craft. Describe what you feel is most important and what inspired you to create this piece. For example: an observation, an experience, the tools, the material. Your work is more than just wood and glue. Tell us the story of this piece.
Enter the sale price, or "Not for Sale", or "Please Inquire"
For which of the following Award Categories would you like to be considered? You may choose multiple awards, as appropriate for your piece.
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It is important to provide a photo. This is used to represent your piece in our published catalog and on the paperwork the judges use to judge your piece. If a photo is not available, please upload a sketch.
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