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Award Categories

Award Categories

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Award Categories

Best in Show:  The winning piece should exhibit the best qualities of most of the following categories.

Judges Awards (3): Each of the three judges will select an entry entirely at their own discretion for one of three Awards. The intent of this award is to recognize a worthy entry that does not fit into another category or for some other reason cannot receive another award. They may also use this award for recognizing a piece that ran a close second to one of the other category winners.

Best Original Design: A well-designed piece must be both useful and pleasing to the eye. Good design is in large part a subjective opinion. It is difficult to define what good design should look like, but we can agree how it should affect a thoughtful critic. It invites a second, more intimate look, and asks to be touched by hand and spirit. This award is to be presented to the best original design, one that is not a copy of a previously designed piece..

Best Traditional Piece: This is an award for the piece which is built in the traditional manner, a reproduction or a piece heavily influenced by a traditional design.

Best Contemporary Piece : The Contemporary style is typically curated, minimal and uncluttered. It is about refined elegance, reflecting individual style and has a more fluid definition. It is a dynamic design style that changes with the current trends, so contemporary design today may look very different from contemporary design 50 years from now. It incorporates features from a variety of styles and eras, blending them with the overall minimalist look.

Best Amateur Piece: This prize is awarded to the best piece exhibited by a person for whom woodworking is an avocation.

Best Professional Piece: This prize is awarded to the best piece exhibited by a person for whom woodworking is a profession and from which they earn a living.

Best Relief Carving: This award honors the technique, of removing wood from a flat piece such that the subject appears to be coming out of the wood

Best Carving in the Round: This award honors the technique, of carving in 3 dimensions, which can be viewed from all sides.

Best Bowl Turning: This award is for any bowl turned with the grain perpendicular to the lathe bed.

Best Between Centers Turning: This award is for any bowl turned with the grain parallel to the lathe bed and can include furniture, furniture parts, architectural turnings, sculptural pieces, boxes, etc.

Best Decorative/Technical Detail: This award goes to the best demonstrated display of veneer, marquetry, paterae, inlay banding, stringing and/or carving.

Best Student Awards: This award will be made to the “best” pieces submitted by middle school, high school, and post-high school students (college/technical or trade schools), depending on the number of entries. The piece will be judged on overall craftsmanship. Areas to be considered will be selection of materials appropriate for the piece, execution of joinery, and quality of finish and its appropriateness for the piece. Complexity of the piece will be considered. Extra consideration will be given to pieces of original design.

Please Note: The Judges are solely responsible for deciding which pieces will receive awards. Their decisions are final.