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Ron Marcoux

I am a lifelong resident of Bedford, New Hampshire whose love of woodworking started around the same time my wife and I built our house in the backwoods of my hometown. Initially, I focused on furnishing our family home with beds, tables, armoires, dressers and cabinets as well as milling and installing our own hardwood floors. Occasionally I was commissioned to do work for others, but later turned down those petitions to focus on building pieces that interested me personally.

What has most inspired me to make memorable, long-lasting pieces has been my family, and with the news of the arrival of my first grandson an idea sparked- I could make him his own wooden toys, specifically a rattle I had seen in Wood Magazine. I have had a lathe in my workshop ever since I can remember, but I was a little afraid of it. Making these new toys was the perfect opportunity to overcome that fear and master a new tool for my craft.

Since then, I have become totally hooked with the craft of woodturning, creating bowls, vessels, lidded boxes, wooden tops and more from local wood that has been gifted to me through the generosity of neighbors and friends. Apart from the wooden bowls that I turn, I am also using the unused portions of those logs to create wooden utensils such as spatulas and stirring spoons.

The wood I work with dictates the final results, and since no two trees are identical, neither are any of the pieces I create. All of the bowls and utensils are treated to be food safe and
should last many years with proper care.