Professionals and Amateurs Together

Greg Brown

My Journey began in Hartford, CT working in a cabinet shop by day and furniture making school by night trying to find my purpose. Straight sides turned to bowed fronts and flat dull chisels turned into sharp curved gouges. I furthered my training at North Bennet Street School in Boston while working from shop to shop in the area. Each piece became a balance of creativity and training.

Enhancing design with exquisite craftsmanship became an interpretation of me, incorporating fluid lines and a sense of subtle elegance that makes each piece timeless in a calming and personal manner. Currently I work at Lindsay Workshops, in Deerfield NH, an old pneumatic factory turned into a 12,000 sq.ft. collective studio. The nature of the shop allows me to be inspired by the surrounding talent as well as collaborate in an artful and unique manner.

My inspiration is drawn from a variety of periods such as the 17th century lime wood carvings of Gringling Gibbons, the robust bulbous shapes of William and Mary, the 18th century Federal Architecture of Samuel McIntire, the bold and blocky forms of Greene and Greene as well as the whiplashed curvatures of Art Nouveau. My interpretation of each period is an extension and adaptation of the previous. All of which charges me to expand on the evolution of fine furniture making.